Residential Glass

Our window, mirror and glass specialists will assist you to create a stunning design that will provide years of enjoyment.

Install Replacements for Your Sealed Units

Are you experiencing foggy windows that appear to be stained? Chances are your sealed units need to be replaced – especially if the home you’re living in was built circa 1970. Many homes built during this period are now experiencing sealed unit failure which results in condensation forming between the two layers of glass causing them to fog up and stain.

Competition Glass can solve the problem of foggy, stained windows by replacing the sealed unit. We only have to replace the glass, not the frame, and we can do this quickly and easily with a minimum amount of disruption.

Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

In-home spas are quickly becoming the norm, and no spa is complete without a gorgeous glass shower enclosure. We have designed and installed countless shower doors throughout the Kelowna area and work with new home builders and weekend warriors alike.
Competition Glass can design and build your custom shower easily, quickly and inexpensively. Give us a call to discuss how you can renovate an existing bathroom shower door or design your new home’s dream shower.

Skylights for Your Home

Skylights are a great way to let natural light into your home. Competition Glass has a number of different skylight makes and models available. We can also provide custom sized skylights in all possible glazing options for your home. If you’re considering skylights for your home then give us a call to find out more about our competitively priced line of skylight products and accessories.

Add Dimension to Your Rooms with Mirrors

Mirrors can add dimension to almost any room. They can also create light and a feeling of depth, which can be great for smaller spaces. At Competition Glass we specialize in residential mirror design and installation. Whether you are looking for a wall of mirrors for your home fitness area or you need a custom mirrored vanity for your master bedroom en suite, our team of professionals can help with every aspect of your residential glass mirror installation and design.