Stick-built curtain wall is a construction method used to create the façade of a building by assembling individual components on-site, piece by piece. In this approach, aluminum or steel frames, known as mullions and transoms, are installed first, followed by the placement of glass panels and other infill materials. The benefits of stick-built curtain wall systems lie in their versatility and customization options. With this method, architects have the freedom to design complex and unique building envelopes, incorporating various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Stick-built curtain walls also offer enhanced precision and accuracy during installation, ensuring a tight fit and minimizing air and water infiltration. Moreover, this approach allows for easier replacement of individual components if damage occurs, reducing maintenance costs in the long run. Additionally, stick-built curtain walls can be more cost-effective compared to other pre-assembled systems, as they require less transportation and handling logistics. Overall, stick-built curtain walls provide flexibility, durability, and cost-efficiency, making them a popular choice for modern architectural designs.


Unitized curtain wall is a popular construction method for creating building façades that offers several advantages over traditional stick-built curtain walls. In this approach, the curtain wall components are pre-fabricated into large units in a controlled factory environment, including the framing, glass panels, and other necessary elements. These pre-assembled units are then transported to the construction site and installed as complete sections, often with the help of cranes. Unitized curtain walls offer increased efficiency and speed during installation, as the pre-fabricated units can be installed quickly, reducing on-site labor and construction time. The factory-controlled manufacturing process also ensures higher quality and consistency, as units are built under controlled conditions with rigorous quality checks. Unitized systems also provide improved air and water tightness, as the factory-sealed units are designed to minimize infiltration and enhance thermal performance. Additionally, unitized curtain walls offer excellent design flexibility and can accommodate a variety of architectural styles and configurations. Overall, unitized curtain walls provide efficiency, quality, and design versatility, making them a preferred choice for many modern construction projects.


A Window Wall System is achieved by placing glazing between a building’s concrete slabs, using the slabs as structural support. Window walls have a break between the glass, with covers used to conceal the concrete. Window walls are often used in condominiums and high rises as they allow for more customizable sections such as windows and balcony doors. Aside from advantages such as customizability, and cost savings, Window Wall Systems also require less engineering and safety considerations as the exterior wall is broken up by each floors’ concrete slab, providing built-in fire stopping. Also, because the separation of each window wall unit creates a sealed space there is less noise transfer and energy loss. Further, if a unit becomes damaged and needs repair that specific unit can be removed and replaced without affecting the adjoining units. Our frames are infilled with limitless glass options to help you achieve your goals whether aesthetically pleasing, control of daylighting and comforts such as solar heat gain.


A Storefront Glazing System is typically non-residential, non-load bearing assembly of commercial entrance systems and windows, spanning from the floor to the structure above. They provide businesses and commercial spaces with aesthetic appeal, direct sunlight, and sufficient thermal performance. Unlike curtainwall systems, storefront are typically only utilized in one to three stories, low structural performance applications. Our aluminum Storefront frames are infilled with limitless glass options to help you achieve your goals whether it is branding of your business or comfort of your customers and employees.


Aluminum and Glass railings are the premier solution for commercial properties. Aluminum railings are more durable, resistant, and economical than wood, steel, iron, or vinyl models. Our aluminum railings can be used effectively with multi-storey buildings, wheelchair and accessibility ramps, cement staircases, industrial walk-out units, balconies, restaurant patios, and other common commercial applications.

Our railing systems are designed and manufactured locally ensuring they are of the highest quality and standards as we do not ship our products from overseas. The custom designs can meet the requirements and specifications of your commercial property.

Our product line is low-maintenance, rust-free, and able to withstand extremes of weather, temperature, and use. Our railings do not rot or warp, do not require paint or regular upkeep, and are able to be used in any outdoor application. Our aluminum railings completely eliminate the need for expensive or time-consuming upkeep, allowing your resources to be put towards other uses.


Aluminum and glass skylights are a popular architectural feature that allows natural light to enter interior spaces, creating a sense of openness and connection with the outdoors. These skylights typically consist of a durable aluminum framework supporting large glass panels or glazing systems. The aluminum frame provides structural support and stability while offering design flexibility and customization options. The glass panels used in skylights are often insulated to provide thermal efficiency and prevent excessive heat gain or loss. The combination of aluminum and glass in skylights offers numerous benefits, including improved daylighting, reduced energy consumption through natural lighting, and a visually appealing aesthetic. Additionally, aluminum and glass skylights can be designed to be weather-resistant and provide adequate protection against water infiltration. Overall, these skylights serve as a functional and visually pleasing architectural element, enhancing the interior ambiance and connecting occupants with the beauty of the sky above.


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