We offer the latest engineered solutions to solve your most challenging glazing needs. Our line up of custom and exclusive products are too long to list but if has to do with Glass we can likely help. All of our products are supplied and installed by our certified Team Members which ensures quality and warranty coverage.


The Okanagan Dream with our custom wine rooms that highlight your style. From a variety of living spaces, we can create a modern wine cellar.  Metal and Glass or are highly attractive materials to work with since it can amplify the inherent beauty of other elements. Contact us to create your design.


Endless options to customize please bring your design ideas and we would be happy to build your vision. We have worked with the best designers and architects in the region to deliver one of a kind products


Separation that doesn’t feel claustrophobic and still allows for an openness light to flow. We would be happy to see your design ideas for home, office, garage, for one of a kind


We’ve completed high security projects ranging from Airport Control Towers to Maximum Security Prisons to Residences of High Profile Celebrities and Politicians. Click on the video to see just one of the lines we carry


We are the exclusive installer for Halio Glass products in the region and have some pretty neat projects under our belt.  All the benefits of natural light without the glare, solar heat, or view-blocking blinds that give you headaches. Daylight creates an awesome work environment that boosts your wellness, productivity, and energy. And speaking of energy, you’ll be comfortably wrapped in a building that is as much as 20% more energy efficient than buildings with regular glass and blinds.


Architectural glass coatings offer a multitude of options to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and performance of glass surfaces in buildings. One popular type of coating is the low-emissivity (low-e) coating, which minimizes heat transfer through the glass, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling. Another option is the solar control coating, designed to block a portion of the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing glare and minimizing fading of interior furnishings. Decorative coatings provide endless design possibilities by adding colors, patterns, or textures to the glass, transforming it into an artistic element. Additionally, self-cleaning coatings utilize photocatalytic technology to break down organic materials and create a hydrophilic surface, allowing rainwater to rinse away dirt and grime. These diverse coatings empower architects to customize the appearance, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements of architectural glass, optimizing both aesthetics and functionality.

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